What our patients are saying...

"I would like to inform you that upon many visits throughout the year, that since the day I came to see you I have been headache free for more than a month now. 

For almost a year, I have been to three doctors and two of which were specialists.  I've had one CatScan, one MRI, and many other tests done.  No one knew what the cause was.

Headaches started out one per week then to two week and eventually I was getting three a week.  Lasting at least 24 hours at a time and causing nausea and sometimes vomiting. 

I just want to thank you for taking care of my problem."  -- Robert C.


"Thank you so much Dr. Suter and Azzatori Chiropractic.  For the first time in 11 years I am without pain in my upper left back.  I tried everything from physical therapy to spine shots and nothing helped.  Then I talked with you at the time of the home show and gained confidence in chiropractic. 

Now, here it is three weeks later and I am PAIN FREE! 

As for my lower back, for the first time in ages I am able to walk without wanting to cry.  Just shopped for five hours and enjoyed it!  Both you and chiropractic treatments are amazing!             -- Joan S. 

"I came to the Azzatoric Chiropractic Center a few months ago trying to relieve my neck, shoulder and back pain.  This pain was not due to an accident just the usual work, daily living and stress.  Turning my head to the right was very painful and I could not lift my arms over my head without a great deal of pain.  I was not satisfied with the results I was getting from my primary care physician.  Taking additional medication and seeing a specialist was not the option I was looking for.  So I opened up the Yellow Pages looking for a chiropractic solution.  I figured that just like an automobile sometimes the body requires an adjustment rather than some new additive.  Well, call it good Karma or just dumb luck.  I called the Azzatori Chiropractic Center based on its' location and my ability to find it without much trouble and it was close to my home.

I came to my first appointment and met Candie, John and Dr. Suter.  They made me feel very comfortable and at home with their approach to my health and well-being.  After an examination and some X-rays, Dr. Suter aid he could help.  I started with the roller table and then an adjustment three times a week.  After the first few visits my pain began to lessen.  I now come twice a week and my pain is gone.  I can now turn my head and lift my arms without pain.  I am very pleased with my results and highly recommend Dr. Suter and the Azzatori Chiropractic Center."  -- Bill W.

"I consider Dr. Suter my primary care physician."  -- John P.

"Before Dr. Matt, my nights were mostly sleepless and rising in the morning to a standing position was extremely difficult and painful.  Now I usually get a decent night's sleep and can often just jump out of the bed and stand straight with only minimal discomfort and pain!  After only a few weeks, I'm getting my life back!  Thank you Dr. Matt!" -- Kathi J.

"Dr. Suter is just fabulous!  He is always here when needed.  God Bless for people like him."       --Cathy G.

"I met Dr. Matt at Agricultural Hall at a Home Show.  Just was asking questions, didn't expect where I'm at today.  In as little as 2 weeks of coming to Azztori Chiropractic I don't take my pain medication as much which was my goal. 

My company just had a formal holiday party.  I was telling everyone I would not be on the dance. floor.  I wasn't just on the dance floor, I was dancing like I was in twenties again. 

I would recommend this chiropractor to everyone.  Thank you again, Dr. Matt!"  -- R. K.

"You have the touch of God in your hands.  You have been well blessed."  -- Barbara J.

"To Whom This May Concern and those living in pain.

My name is Patrick, I'm 51 years old.  I was diagnosed Osteo-Arthritis back in March 2009.  The pain started years ago, but in March 2009 it was too much to handle.  I had MRI's, CATScan, X-rays only to find that I have arthritis all over except in my chest, according to the doctors. 

I've been to the Osteopathic therapy doctors until finding Azzatori Chiropractic., Dr. Matt Suter, Jon and Candy.  I've been in their office about a year now, that is my only regret that I did not find out about their office sooner.  The staff is young and this I am happy for.  As I get older, they'll be there. 

If you're in pain, see Dr. Matt and the staff at Azzatori Chiropractic and start living again.  Did I mention that I have a 15 year to keep up with.  Do yourself a favor and get into Azzatori Chiropractic and see for yourself.  By the way, you have any questions look me up and I'll give you the real deal.  No hype!  You give credit where credit is due.  Give Azzatori Chiropractic a call, they will work with you!"  -- Patrick

"Dear Dr. Suter,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards your gentle holistic approach on my healing process and in the manner in which you do so. 

Prior to seeing you, I had severe headaches, neck and back pain.  I am the type of person that does not like to take medication; however, due to the severity of the pain, medication was my best option, so I thought, at that time.

Upon meeting you and your staff, I was surprised of the outpouring friendly and cheerfulness, and the instant motivating to getting me 100% better.

Since seeing you, I have less pain, more energy, think more clearly, am more mobile, and feel younger.  I also take less pain medication. 

Thank you again!"  -- Maria A.

September 25, 2010

"I have had back pain for years.  After just one treatment, I felt an immediate improvement.  I wish I had not waited so long to seek out chiropractic services."  -- Sheri S., Bethlehem, PA

"After an adjustment with Dr. Suter.  I'm able to sleep through the night and my alarm."  -- E. Eck

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  • "Dr. Suter is just fabulous! He is always here when needed. God Bless for people like him."
    Catthy G. - Bethlehem, PA